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"Collectables" is the in-game term for Items. Different types of Collectables come from various sources, such as Buildings, Crops, Debris, and Neighbors. Some Collectables are limited in uses, while others are in constant demand. A Collectable will not be produced or collected if at full capacity.

Active Collectables

Name Image Description Max Source Category Notable Uses


Wt clay collectable doober Gather from the Clay Hill and ask from Neighbors. 200 Clay Hill Common Bricks


Wt badge collectable doober A shiny mark of authority. Collect from the Sheriff's Office. 200 Sheriff's Office Generated

Baked Beans

Wt bakedbeans collectable doober Craft at the Cooking Fire using Beans and Carrots. 200 Cooking Fire Craftwork


Wt beans collectable doober A handful of beans. Add some fiber to your diet! 100 Crop Crops


Wt boards collectable doober Turn Wood into Boards at the Carpenter. 200 Carpenter Craftwork

Bolt of Wool

Wt woolbolt collectable doober A refined bolt of itchy wool gathered from the Weavery. 100 Weavery Generated


Wt bottle collectable doober A well-made glass bottle. Collect from the Glass Blower. 200 Glass Blower Generated


Wt braziers collectable doober A fire holder to guard against the night. Collect from the Barrens Bastion. 200 Barrens Bastion Generated


Wt bread collectable doober Fresh baked bread gathered from the Bakery. 100 Bakery Generated


Wt brick collectable doober Turn Adobe into Brick at the Copper Kiln. 200 Copper Kiln Craftwork


Wt bridles collectable doober Craft at the Ferrier using Iron, Wood, and Hammers. 200 Ferrier Craftwork


Wt cabbage collectable doober A single head of leafy green cabbage. 100 Crop Crops


Wt candle collectable doober A wax candle to light the dark. Collect from the Desert Blockhouse. 200 Desert Blockhouse Generated


Wt carrots collectable doober Some sweet carrots just dug up this morning. 100 Crop Crops

Chit Chat

Wt chitchat collectable doober Every day talk gathered from the Town Square. 200 Town Square Generated


Wt cider collectable doober A mug of refreshing cider. Collect from the Cider House. 200 Cider House Generated


Wt coffee collectable doober Fresh coffee beans straight from the bush, and ready to be roasted. 100 Crop Crops

Corn Dodgers

Wt corn dodgers collectable doober Craft at the Cooking Fire using Wheat and Corn. 200 Cooking Fire Craftwork

Cowboy Stew

Wt stew collectable doober Craft at the Cooking Fire using Turnips, Potatoes, and Corn Dodgers. 200 Cooking Fire Craftwork


Wt eggs collectable doober Farm fresh eggs. Collect from the Chicken Coop. 200 Chicken Coop Generated

Flight Gloves

Wt gloves collectable doober Flight Gloves for handling birds. Collect from the Dovecoat. 200 Dovecoat Generated


Wt flour collectable doober All purpose baking flour. Collect from the Wind Mill and Donkey Mill. 200

Donkey Mill, Windmill


Glass Pane

Wt glasspane collectable doober A clear pane of glass for windows. Collect from the Glass Blower. 200 Glass Blower Generated


Wt goods collectable doober A variety of goods for sale. Collect from the General Store. 200 General Store Generated


Wt gossip collectable doober The latest buzz about the happenings around town. Collect from the Outhouse. 200 Outhouse Generated


Wt grain collectable doober Crunchy dried grain from the granary. 100 Grainary Silo Generated


Wt grapes collectable doober A vine of delicious purple grapes. 100 Crop Crops


Wt halter collectable doober A head collar for livestock. Collect at the Ox Annex. 200 Ox Annex Generated


Wt hammer collectable doober Craft at the Ferrier using Iron and Wood. 200 Ferrier Craftwork


Wt handcuff collectable doober Tools to help execute the law. Collect at the County Jail. 200 County Jail Generated


Wt hay collectable doober Raw hay for feeding animals. Needs to be dried. Collect from a crop of Haygrass. 200 Crop Crops


Wt haystack collectable doober A stack of dried hay to feed the animals. Collect from the Hay Rack. 200 Hay Rack Generated


Wt horsebit collectable doober A piece of tackle for riding horses. Collect from the Stable. 200 Stable Generated


Wt horseshoe collectable doober Craft at the Ferrier using Iron, Wood, and Nails. 200 Ferrier Craftwork


Wt inspiration collectable doober Inspiration is gathered by visiting neighboring towns! Tap the presents to collect. 10 Neighbors Generated


Wt iron collectable doober A raw ore collected from debris and the Iron Mine. 200

Debris (Rock), Iron Mine

Common Steel


Wt lantern collectable doober A bright source of light for guarding at night. Collect from the Frontier Fort. 200 Frontier Fort Generated

Large Bouquet

Wt largebouquet collectable doober A large arrangement of flowers. Collect from the Town Gardens. 200 Town Garden Generated


Wt lasso collectable doober A coil of rope from the Rodeo! 200 Rodeo Generated


Wt maize collectable doober Raw maize for feeding birds and making flour. Collect from the crop Maize. 200 Crop Crops

Medium Bouquet

Wt medbouquet collectable doober A medium arrangement of flowers. Collect from the Florist. 200 Florist Generated


Wt bottledmilk collectable doober A nice bottle of milk. Collect from the Dairy. 200 Dairy Generated

Milk Pail

Wt milkpail collectable doober A pail of fresh squeezed milk from the Cow Stalls. 100 Cow Stalls Generated


Wt nails collectable doober Craft at the Ferrier from Iron. 200 Ferrier Craftwork


Wt onion collectable doober A couple of unpeeled raw onions ready for cooking! 100 Crop Crops


Wt particulars collectable doober An exotic array of commodities. Collect from the Traveling Wagon. 200 Traveling Wagon Generated


Wt perfume collectable doober A bottle of the most elegant fragrances. Collect from the Perfumerie. 200 Perfumerie Generated

Pioneer Pie

Wt pie collectable doober A tasty pie crafted at the Cooking Fire using Tomatoes and Cabbages and Baked Beans. 200 Cooking Fire Craftwork


Wt pitchfork collectable doober A neccesary tool for any farmer. Collect from the Barn. 200 Barn Generated


Wt potato collectable doober Large raw potatoes ready to be cooked and eaten! 100 Crop Crops

Raw Wool

Wt wool collectable doober A rough wool just sheared from the sheep. Collect from the Sheep Shed. 200 Sheep Shed Generated


Wt ribbons collectable doober Awards gathered from the County Fair. 100 County Fair Generated


Wt rock collectable doober A handful of rocks, useful for building and found in the debris. 200 Debris (Rock) Common


Wt rumours collectable doober The evolution of Chitchat and Gossip. Collect from the Saloon. 200 Saloon Generated

Sand Debris

Wt sanddebris collectable doober A clump of Sand gathered from the sand clutter on the ground. 100 Debris (Pile of Sand) Common


Wt silicon collectable doober Collected from Sand Bin. Used to make glass at the Glass Blower. 200 Sand Bin Generated

Small Bouquet

Wt smallbouquet collectable doober A small arrangement of flowers. Collect at the Flower Stall. 200 Flower Stall Generated


Wt squash collectable doober A large yellow squash grown by your own hand! 100 Crop Crops


Wt steel collectable doober Turn Iron into Steel at the Steel Foundry. 100 Steel Foundry Craftwork


Wt strawberry collectable doober A couple of raw and juicy strawberries. Let's make a pie! 100 Crop Crops


Wt tackle collectable doober Gear for riding horses and wrangling livestock. Collect from the Tack Room. 200 Tack Room Generated


Wt tea collectable doober Fresh tea leaf, ready to be dried and brewed. 100 Crop Crops


Wt tomato collectable doober A couple of ripe and red tomatoes. 100 Crop Crops


Wt torches collectable doober A rough source of light for the night watch. Collect from the Prairie Outpost. 200 Prairie Outpost Generated


Wt trust collectable doober Trust is gathered by visiting neighboring towns to collect 10 Neighbors Generated


Wt turnip collectable doober Some fresh picked turnip still covered in soil. 100 Crop Crops


Wt unicycle collectable doober A special cycle found at the Circus! 100 Circus Generated


Wt wares collectable doober An assortment of common goods. Collect from the Trading Post. 200 Trading Post Generated


Wt water collectable doober A refreshing resource gathered from the Well, Clutter, or Mountain Spring, 100 Debris (Oil Puddle), Mountain Spring, Well Common


Wt watermelon collectable doober A large green watermelon still on the vine. 100 Crop Crops


Wt wheat collectable doober Raw harvested wheat straight from the stalk! 100 Crop Crops


Wt wood collectable doober Gather wood from the Pine Thicket or clean some clutters. 200 Debris (Scrub Brush), Pine Thicket Common Boards
Name Image Description Max Source Category Notable Uses

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