Below are some current bugs with the game. While many are not game-altering, the realization that you are not the only one getting these bugs is a relief. The Forum are also a good place to establish new ones.

  • Occasionally, when reopening the app and harvesting from crops, buildings, and/or houses, the helpers have a black box over them that only happens when harvesting.
    • FIX: Closing and reopening the app fixes this problem.
  • When moving the screen, the animals (like the sheep, mammoth, scorpion, etc.) disappear for a second and reappear a few seconds later. This is most likely latency between the server and your game.
    • Another example is harvesting those tumble weeds; the bush moves before it 'transforms' into snake(s).

Specific Quest BugsEdit

Train Ride to NowhereEdit

  • Once you have the Train, this bug happens every time you return from visiting your Neighbors:
  • Usually the first thing you click on, such as trying to harvest the Wagon Tent, takes you to the Train Ride screen instead. This is the screen that comes up when you are on your way to the Snowy Mountains, but not there yet.
  • The screen then goes away, and you are back in your Canyon, and (mostly) nothing seems to have happened.
  • However, if the Daily Bonus wheel had been waiting for you to spin it, it will have disappeared, and won't reappear for another 24 hours. Tough luck!
  • Fix: Do your Daily Bonus spins ASAP, and especially before visiting any Neighbors

This bug seems to be fixed in one of the latest Google Play updates as of Feb, 2014.

Temple of Watering TimeEdit

  • This Temple shortens the amount of time it takes to water Crops
  • For example, if it is at 5%, then a 4 hour Crop (= 240 minutes) will take 12 minutes less
  • However, there is a bug that increases this bonus, thus lowering further the amount of time required to water Crops. But as this is a beneficial bug, we do not want it fixed. So no details are given here.
  • To see exactly how much bonus you have at the moment, use the menu on the right of your screen to open the Game Stats Boost screen (the double up-arrow). Then select "Water". The total boost percentage will be at the bottom of that screen.

This bug seems to be fixed with the latest 1.3.4 Google Play update as of June 2014.