Daily Bonus
  • The Daily Bonus Wheel appears as a cart in your Canyon once a day. Click on it and a roulette style wheel shows up letting you spin for one of eight prizes. They are:
  • 25 Tonic
  • 50 Tonic
  • 200 Silver
  • 1000 Silver
  • 3 Wood
  • 3 Iron
  • 7 Gold
  • 7 Pickaxes

You can also access the Daily Bonus Wheel via the colorful wheel that appears in the menu when you tap the up-arrow on the right side of your screen.

On the first day, you get only 20 spins. So long as you play at least once every day, this will increase by one each day, until by day 5 you get to spin 100 times. After that, it remains at 100 spins per day.

The OddsEdit

Based on the layout of the wheel, you might assume that you have a 1-in-8 chance of getting each prize. You would be wrong! The wheel is not equally weighted. It heavily favors Tonic, and is as likely to give you a PickAxe as a mother bear is to let you pet her cubs.

Ok, so maybe it's not quite that bad. In fact, thanks to someone who started playing the game some 6 months before it was released, we now have a compilation of the results of 800 spins of the Daily Bonus Wheel. Were the wheel equally weighted, each prize should have been received 100 times. The actual results are:

Prize Times received Approx. Odds
150 1 in 5
150 1 in 5
125 1 in 6.5
105 1 in 7.5
85 1 in 9.5
75 1 in 11
60 1 in 13
50 1 in 16

From the above you can see that you are 6 times more likely to receive Tonic than 800 Pickaxes. And in 100 spins, so often you receive 2 Tonic prizes. But keep spinning. You WILL receive a PickAxe one of these years! In fact, based on the odds, you should receive 27 Pickaxes every 3 to 4 days once you are getting 100 spins per day.