Volunteers WelcomeEdit

Know something about the game? Want to share? Create an account and edit away. If you'd like to make major contributions, talk with us in the forum and tell us what you have in mind. We're pretty agreeable.


  • Sign up and sign in
  • Add, don't take away
    • deleting vandalisim is always ok
    • with permission from the forums or an admin, you can delete or change anything
  • Never post cheats
    • posted cheats tend to be changed by the developers
  • When done, fill in the "edit summary" box
    • We only need a couple words or a sentence

Best FormattingEdit

  • Use headings. The page will turn them into a table of contents if there are 3 or more headings.
  • For best results, add links and/or images. Links can go to other pages in the wiki or relevant outside sources.
  • For best results, use the category chart below to figure out what categories fit your page. Add those using the tool on the right side of the edit window. 


Some categories may show up more than once. This is because they are subcategories of two or more parent categories.

  1. Getting Started
    1. Game Description
    2. Download the Game
    3. Tips/Strategy
    4. Neighbors
    5. Contact Support
    6. How To
  2. Quest Series - Please do not put individual Series in this category. Categories go in this category.
    1. Regular Quest Series
    2. Limited Edition (LE) Series
    3. Walkthroughs - All Quest Series go in this category.
    4. Quest Series Tree
    5. Quest Structures - This category should only contain categories, not pages.
      1. Regular Quest Series Buildings
        1. Generators
      2. Limited Edition (LE) Series Buildings
      3. Limited Edition (LE) Series Houses
      4. List of Homes
      5. Specialized Structures
  3. Catalogue
    1. Crops
    2. Trees
    3. Buildings
      1. Regular Quest Series Buildings
      2. Limited Edition (LE) Series Buildings
    4. Specials
    5. Houses
      1. Limited Edition (LE) Series Houses
    6. Decor
      1. Flags
      2. Letters
      3. Paths (and more)
      4. Decor Plants
      5. Statues
      6. Misc Decor
    7. Resources
    8. Helpers
  4. Game Play
    1. Collectables
    2. Experience Levels
    3. Freedom Levels
    4. Game Statistic Boosts
    5. Daily Bonus Wheel
    6. Neighbors
    7. Locations
      1. Hidden Canyon
      2. Snowy Mountain - Also for Quest Series in Snowy Mountain
      3. El Dorado - Also for Quest Series in El Dorado
  5. Wiki
    1. Editing the Wiki
    2. Contribute - same as Editing the Wiki - pages should have both categories
    3. Admins
  6. Miscellaneous - just a category to hold other categories
    1. Tapjoy
    2. Sale and Special History
    3. Issues and Bugs
    4. Ideas for Kiwi
  7. Images - Images automatically go into this category

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