Lookin' Fer Answers
Release Date: September 18, 2013
Number of Pickaxes: 1
Minimum Amount of Time to Uncover Items in the Canyon: 00:00:00
Quest Structures Uncovered and Built:
You do not find any structures, but you must find a Treasure Chest. This takes no time to uncover but 1 hr to harvest.
Catalogue Items Purchased, Built, or Planted (in order of appearance):
Purple Sage, Apple Tree, Stump Seats, Maize, Wheat, Molly's House
Structures, Trees, and Collectables Needed (in order of appearance):
Ranch Well, Wagon Tent
What the Colors Mean:
Quest Dialog Quest Instructions Quest Completion Dialog and Reward
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QUEST: Sage RageEdit

Rubymae: I know Norma Jean's a responsible little lady and will make her way home soon.

I jest need to keep my mind occupied.

Do some gardening to distract Ruby.

Order Purple Sage Flowers from the Catalogue under Decorations. (2x)

Rubymae: Nuthin' like a little gardening to distract the thoughts.
“Gardening in the desert is rough around the hedges.”
REWARD Silver med: 20 Xp med: 5

QUEST: Dapple AppleEdit

Rubymae: Norma will be home directly. I should plant an apple tree for her and Mr. Carson.
Help Ruby plant some Apple Trees!

Order Apple Trees from the Catalogue under Trees. (2x)

2 Gold med to skip
Help Ruby water her Apple Trees.

Tap the Apple Trees to water. (2x)

2 Gold med to skip
Help Ruby harvest her Apple Trees.

Tap the Apple Trees to Harvest. (2x)

2 Gold med to skip
Rubymae: Shucks, I can't help but worry. Piddlin' around all these plants ain't helpin' none.
“Ruby's daughter is the apple of her eye.”
REWARD Silver med: 20 Xp med: 5

QUEST: Trough StuffEdit

Rubymae: Wake up, Ruby! Muzzlin' about all day won't bring Norma home. Maybe if I go dunk my head in the well...
Go with Ruby to dunk her head in the well!

Tap the Ranch Well to Harvest. (1x)

1 Gold med to skip
Rubymae: Lands sake! That's cold! Boy howdy, now I'm focused and ready to work.
“Dunking one's head in water is trough business.”
REWARD Silver med: 20 Xp med: 5

QUEST: Seat HeatEdit

Rubymae: We can't have a proper campsite without some places to sit and slangander!
Set up some seats to make your camp more homely.

Order Stump Seats from the Catalogue under Decorations. (2x)

2 Gold med to skip
Rubymae: These stumps will do well by me. I hope Mr. Carson and Gus aren't too picky.
“Solving chair problems don't stump Ruby.”
REWARD Silver med: 20 Xp med: 5

QUEST: Wagon Taggin'Edit

Rubymae: If we're gonna make a home in this canyon, we better shape up and start plannin' long term.

I should visit Mr. Carson to get his opinion.

Ask Carson in his tent for his opinion.

Tap the Wagon Tent to Harvest. (2x)

2 Gold med to skip
Carson: Pertend up, marm! If I had to guess, I'd say your daughter jest went explorin' the mine. I'm sure she'll be home directly.

In the meantime, I'd suggest you look into starting a permanent residence in this canyon.

“Pertend up' means 'cheer up!'”
REWARD Silver med: 20 Xp med: 5

QUEST: Foreign CornEdit

Rubymae: Much obliged for your confidence, I guess I can stand the gaff for a few more hours. You are correct with this residence business! Per'ap's we could plant some corn in the meantime.
Plant some Maize to test its durability in the canyon!

Order Maize from the Catalogue under Crops. (2x)

2 Gold med to skip
Rubymae: This maize grows rather stancheously in the canyon! We should plant some more instead of shoalin' about.
“The crop's versatility is a-maize-ing!”
REWARD Silver med: 20 Xp med: 5

QUEST: Flower HourEdit

Rubymae: I'm going to take a break from this sodbusting to move my flower. I don't reckon they're getting enough sunlight.
Re-plant the Purple Sage flowers in better sunlight!

Tap the Triangle on the bottom right and tap the Edit icon.

Rubymae: That is a pinch better, but there's only so much a gardener can do.
“Who knew flowers could blossom in the desert?”
REWARD Silver med: 20 Xp med: 5

QUEST: Neat WheatEdit

Rubymae: Alright, if we're gonna have a ranch here, we need to do a measure of sodbustin'.

Wheat is next on our list if we're to feed the animals.

Grow some wheat to feed the animals on your ranch.

Order Wheat from the Catalogue Under Crops. (2x)

2 Gold med to skip
Water the Wheat seeds so the plants take root.

Tap the Crops to Water. (2x)

2 Gold med to skip
Harvest the Wheat.

Tap the Crops to Harvest. (2x)

2 Gold med to skip
Rubymae: This will store nicely. I'm sure the livestock will appreciate it when we get them.
“Ruby is having a hayday with this ranch planning!”
REWARD Silver med: 20 Xp med: 5

QUEST: Molly DollyEdit

Rubymae: Land's sake! Ah've nearly forgotten all about my dog. I was so worried for Norma. If we can find my dog, we could use her to find Norma.
Use Molly's house to attract her home!

Order Molly's House from the Catalogue under Houses.

2 Gold med to skip
Rubymae: Molly's come home, but my daughter Norma ain't with her...
“Buy one dog, get one flea.”
REWARD Silver med: 20 Xp med: 5

QUEST: Best ChestEdit

Rubymae: Molly is barking out in the canyon! Oh dear, I wonder what she found?
Search the Canyon for what Molly found!

Tap the Canyon to explore.

Pickaxe med: 1
Open the treasure chest to see what's inside!

Tap the Treasure Chest to activate.

Rubymae: Oh my, some sort of chest with a game inside of it? I wonder if there are more of them out there?
“Where do these chests come from? How puzzling!”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

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