Lookin' Fer Answers
REQUIRED FOR SERIES: Four Regular and numerous Limited
Maker's Affair (Regular), Yours Mine Ours (Regular), Ado Adobe (Regular), Poker Face (Regular),
All Hallows' Eve, Winks and High Jinks!, Free the Tree, Landmark Lark, Quirky Turkey, Mayan Mayhem, Right On, Swan, Castle Hassle, Because Santa Clause, Calendar Challenger, Cut a Rug, Mandatory Observatory, The Show Goes On, Tower of the Hour, Brave the Cave, A Kind of Love, Take Heart in Heart, Hunkydory Story, Westbound and Down, Over the Rainbow, Bird is the Word, Storm Wranglin', Volcanic Panic, Thermal Spring Fling, An Axe to Grind, Breakfast for Champions, Blue Bovine Bash, Castle of Flowers, Haunted and Unwanted, Heed the Appleseed, Travail and Set Sail, Speak Friend and Enter, Land Shark Amusement Park, Summer Solstice Solace, Mystery of the Lost Supplies, Impede the Stampede, Fertile Turtle, Now My Watch Begins, Garden Fun, Water For My Daughter, No Pane, No Gain, Eager Beaver, Swing Thing, Ruby's Flower-to-be, Coaster Boaster, Camel Castle, Violent Remnant, Play Away!, Chosen Fun, The Chance For Romance, Whole Totem Pole, Couple's Tunnel, Mayan Legend, Merry Carousel, Berry Bounty, Aquatic Project, Lemonade Made, Pony Polyphony, Cool Pool, Peacock Talk, Gator Guard, Gratified By A Slide, High Anxiety, Dear Deer, Crow Fiasco, Fish Accomplishment, Halloween Queen, Host of Ghosts, Haunted Jaunt, Holiday Flare, Sandbox Talk, An Artful Table, Heartwarming Hearth, Bring On The Skating!, Hay Day, Holiday Hankerings, Dandy CandySwooning TunesDen Buildin' fer Wily WolvesFeast and FuriousGeezer's GeyserBirdhouse BonanzaTwo Can SleighHoliday MemoryPining For Pines, Snowman-to-Man, North Pole Postbox, Holiday Hoot, At First White, Sled the Pack, Catch Off Garden, Red Rose of RomanceMaiden VoyageMatterhorn MadnessBona Fired KingMoose Fair LadyTub Me TenderRink AgainLady Macbath, Waltzing Westward, Romantic Refuge, The Fountain-Hearted, Truffle Kerfuffle, Furfect Stranger, Once Upon a Carriage, Sentimental Supper, Arch-Angelica, Crooning Achievement, Fowl Play, Bring On Spring!, Bird of Passage, Truffle in Paradise, Artful Sundial, My Brother's Bull-Keeper, A Smelly Bunny, Offspring Has Sprung, High and Dry, Windmill Thrill, Landscaping Lessons, Feast or Famished, Good As Goldtooth, Well-Gardened Secret, Snake Sorcery, Hard To Swallow, Tough Duck, Wet 'n Wild, Second Nature, Shower Shield, Shell We Race, Heat of the Moment, Splendiferous Shrine, Noodle Kaboodle, In Your Corner, Labor of Dove, Cast A Wide Hornet, Cactus Bloom Bonanza, Dicycle Built For Two, Dote On Goats, Trading Barbs, Fudged Sunday, Pinwheel Patch, Blow by Blow, Pasteurize and Shine, Painted Pony Predicament, Come What May, Rootin' Tootin' Ring Toss, Boom and Bust, Tunnel Vision, Science Fair Affair, String Theory, Silver Scarecrow Seeking, Goat Grazing Grasstastrophe, Poetry in Motion
Release Date: September 13, 2013
Number of Pickaxes: 6 - 8
Minimum Amount of Time to Uncover Items in the Canyon: 00:05:15
Quest Structures Uncovered and Built:
Pine Thicket, Outlaw Stash
Catalogue Items Purchased, Built, or Planted:
Main Barn, Apple Tree, Turnips
Structures and Collectables Needed:
Pitchfork (1x), Iron (1x), Wood (1x)
What the Colors Mean:
Quest Dialog Old Mine Instructions Quest Instructions Quest Completion Dialog and Reward
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QUEST: Clutter StutterEdit

Carson: This canyon is some prime real estate. I've been traveling for far too long, and I'm ready to settle.

Maybe if I put good work in, Ruby will allow me to join her...

Clean with Carson to help prove his worth!

Tap Debris to clear. (2x)

2 Gold med to skip
Carson: I don't think Ruby noticed my work. I have to prove to her I'm no shote like that Goldtooth.
“Carson wants to stay, but needs to clear it with Ruby.”
REWARD Silver med: 20 Xp med: 5

QUEST: Thicket TicketEdit

Carson: Nothin' shows a man's worth like a hard day choppin' wood.

I just need to find some pines to fell, and I'll show my worth.

Look for some trees to fell!

Tap the Canyon to Explore.

Pickaxe med: 2
Prepare the Pine Thicket for Carson's lumber operation.

Tap the Pine Thicket to clean.

Carson: B'hoy that's some sweaty work! If I gather enough wood, I can help Ruby build a bully ranch!
“Old lumberjacks never die, they just pine away.”
REWARD Silver med: 20 Xp med: 5

QUEST: Pine MineEdit

Carson: If I can gather enough wood for the ranch, I'll prove to Ruby that I'm not a ne'er do well. Maybe I'll even find her daughter!

That'd have her beholden to me in no time.

Gather some wood to help build the ranch.

Tap the Pine Thicket and select a contract. (1x)

1 Gold med to skip
Carson: Didn't find her daughter, but there's plenty of wood now. Dash! I hope we find her daughter soon.

I hate seeing such a pretty lady down in the mouth.

“Dash? Carson's way of saying Darn!”
REWARD Silver med: 20 Xp med: 5

QUEST: Farm CharmEdit

Carson: Ruby works so hard, she really makes me feel like a ne'er do well. I wish I could help, but I haint got a clue where to start...

I know! I've got a daisy of an idea. I'll build her a barn!

Build a Barn with Carson to impress Ruby.

Order a Main Barn from the Catalogue under Town Buildings. (1x)

Ruby Mae: Well, Mr. Carson, this is certainly a surprise! You did this all by yourself?

I see. Well you've proven you're no eastern softy. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to let you stick around a while as a ranchhand.

“Cowboys have consider-a-bull talent.”
REWARD Silver med: 20 Xp med: 5

QUEST: Tree PleaEdit

Carson: You're right, marm. I'm no cowboy, but I know how to work hard.

I'll plant some trees, and soon we'll have a bonafide orchard.

Help Carson continue prove his worth by planting trees.

Order an Apple Tree from the Catalogue under Trees. (1x)

2 Gold med to skip
Harvest your budding orchard!

Tap Apple Tree to harvest. (2x)

2 Gold med to skip
Carson: Now that this Ranch is ourn business together you could say I have a certain vestment in its success.

I plan on going the whole hog.

“Orchards make me plum happy!”
REWARD Silver med: 20 Xp med: 5

QUEST: Stash CacheEdit

Carson: It would behoove me to continue the search for Norma. Even I'm starting to get worried now.
Explore the Canyon with Carson.

Tap the Canyon to Explore.

Pickaxe med: 3
Uncover the structure you found!

Tap the Outlaw Stash to clean.

Clock med: 00:00:05
Carson: What in the blazes is this thing? It appears to be some sort of sealed room!
“The Canyon is generous to a vault.”
REWARD Silver med: 20 Xp med: 5

QUEST: Vault HaltEdit

Carson: I wonder if it's a tomb? A vault? Perhaps this is the treasure Gus is slanganderin' about.
Get a Pitchfork to break into the Stash.

Tap Barn to gather Pitchfork.

2 Gold med to skip
Use the Pitchfork to pry into the Stash.

Tap the Outlaw Stash to try to break in.

Clock med: 00:00:05
Carson: H'mm. That did not seem to work in my favor.
“If it's sealed, it must be important.”
REWARD Silver med: 20 Xp med: 5

QUEST: Should WoodEdit

Carson: It seems getting into this vault will take some measure of skullduggery.

It would not hurt to try burning our way in...

Gather wood to break into the Stash.

Gather wood from Pine Thicket or debris. (1x)

2 Gold med to skip
Carson: This stack of firewood should fuel nicely. I only hope we do not damage the contents.
“Where there's smoke, there is fire.”
REWARD Silver med: 20 Xp med: 5

QUEST: Turnip Turn UpEdit

Ruby Mae: All Mr. Carson seems to care about is that little building he found. What a pittance!

Someone has to take care of this canyon if we're to ranch!

Show Carson that Ruby hasn't stopped working!

Order Turnips from the Catalogue under Crops. (2x)

2 Gold med to skip
Ruby Mae: My goodness! Dash all this heat. It's enough to make a lady use foul language!
“Ruby lost her hat, but don't worry. It'll turnip!”
REWARD Silver med: 100 Xp med: 25

QUEST: Ash CacheEdit

Carson: Alright, let's give 'er the heat! Follow me to the vault, partner.
Use wood to burn your way into the Stash.

Tap the Outlaw Stash to try to burn your way in.

Clock med: 00:00:05
Ruby Mae: Of course that didn't work you... you.. Chucklehead!

What if my daughter had been in there? Did you not think this through?!

“A chucklehead? Oh no she didn't!”
REWARD Silver med: 50 Xp med: 10

QUEST: Rock StockEdit

Carson: I cry your pardon, marm! I didn't mean nothin' by it! I was jest tryin' to open the safe is all.
Gather iron to break into the Stash.

Gather iron from rocks and other debris. (1x)

2 Gold med to skip
Ruby Mae: Please be safer in your next attempt, Mr. Carson. You about gave me a conniption fit.
“Carson disregarded safe safety.”
REWARD Silver med: 50 Xp med: 10

QUEST: Brash SmashEdit

Carson: We'll be extra careful with this next attempt. Won't we, pard?
Use the iron to bash your way in!

Tap the Outlaw Stash to try to bash your way in.

Clock med: 00:05:00
Carson: Drat! What is this thing made of? Ourn attempts 'ave barely scathed it.
“A safe in a mine is quite the combination!”
REWARD Silver med: 50 Xp med: 10

QUEST: Key PleaEdit

Carson: We need to open this safe before Ruby frumps us any further. I reckon it wouldn't hurt to look around for a key...
Finish unlocking the mine

Tap the Old Mine to unlock it.

Explore the Old Mine for the Key

Tap the Old Mine to explore.

Pickaxe med: 1 - 3
Collect the Copper Key from the cart.

Tap the cart to collect the key.

Carson: What? You never leave a key under your doormat?
“The combination to the safe was rather low-key.”
REWARD Silver med: 50 Xp med: 10

QUEST: Treasure PleasureEdit

Carson: I can barely begin to imagine what secrets this stash may hold. I doubt Norma's in here, given the time we had of openin' it.
Use the Copper Key to open the Stash!

Tap the Outlaw Stash to open with the key.

Carson: Yep, as I expected. No Norma. No Treasure.

I think this is a deaddrop for stolen goods from outlaws. Yah know, the one's Goldtooth is always on about.

“It's a safe bet the canyon has more vaults.”
REWARD Silver med: 50 Xp med: 10

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