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Updated January 24, 2015

Raeyin generally advises that players buy pickaxes if possible, gold if they desire extras and can afford to. Energy is recommended for those who wish to be highly competetive in Team Challenges. However, silver and tonic can be gotten other ways if you play right, and who needs the extra expense? Please see Strategy for more ways to get silver and tonic.


Regular Prices
Item Name Quantity Price
Stack of Silver 1,500 $0.99
Pile of Silver 4,950


Pot of Silver 9,000 $4.99
Box of Silver 19,500 $9.99
Crate of Silver 45,000 $19.99
Chest of Silver 150,000 $49.99


  • Ability to play without purchasing: moderate
  • Uses: Buying premium items from the Catalogue, completing optional quest endings, skipping certain parts of quests
  • Other sources: Tapjoy
Regular Prices
Item Name Quantity Price
Stack of Gold 24 $2.99
Pile of Gold 44 $4.99
Pot of Gold 96 $9.99
Box of Gold 208 $19.99
Crate of Gold 600 $49.99
Chest of Gold 1,600 $99.99


  • Ability to play without purchasing: depends on whether you buy premium houses; moderate to very good
  • Uses: Speeding up activities and building regeneration (4 tonic per minute, 1 tonic for the last minute)
  • Other sources: Tapjoy, Houses (especially premium houses)
Regular Prices
Item Name Quantity Price
Stack of Tonic 1,200 $0.99
Pile of Tonic 3,960 $2.99
Pot of Tonic 7,200 $4.99
Box of Tonic 15,600 $9.99
Crate of Tonic 36,000 $19.99
Chest of Tonic 120,000 $49.99


  • Ability to play without purchasing: impossible to fair depending on your patience with offers
  • Uses: Completing quests, reaching temples, clearing space for your canyon
  • Other sources: Rockyou offers, Tapjoy
Regular Prices
Item Name Quantity Price
Stack of Pickaxes 15 $2.99
Pile of Pickaxes 28 $4.99
Pot of Pickaxes 60 $9.99
Box of Pickaxes 130 $19.99
Crate of Pickaxes 375 $49.99
Chest of Pickaxes 1,000 $99.99



The energy bar shows up dearing Team Challenges (TC's). 1 Refill = 5 energy and the bar holds 5 energy, however excess from refills is not wasted. Refills are used as played and excess goes into the bar. 

  • Ability to play without purchasing: Very good if you aren't competitive. Moderate to low if you are competive. 
  • Uses: Improving score in various ways in TC's
  • Other sources: Regenerates during TC's at a rate of 1 Energy (1/5 of a refill) per 15 minutes.
Regular Prices
Item Name Price
3 Energy Refills $2.99
12 Energy Refills $9.99
25 Energy Refills $19.99

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