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Updated January 23, 2015

General Overview Edit

"Special Offer!" bundle sales are showing up maybe twice a month. "Buy More Save More!" on silver and tonic are about monthly. I'm not sure yet, but "Gold Rush!" might be monthly and "Buy More Save More!" on pickaxes less than once per month. 40% or 50% off sales might be monthly. This information is non-scientific and based on past trends. Rockyou may change their offerings at any time.

January 2015Edit

December 2014Edit

Sorry, I seem to have failed to take a screenshot of the Christmas Bundle. It was 19.95 and included some number of pickaxes, gold, and tonic. 

November 2014Edit

October 2014Edit

Information from early October may be incomplete

September 2014Edit

August 2014Edit

Late July 2014Edit

  • 50% of all Gold purchases
  • "Buy More Save More" Sale on Silver 
    Buy More Save More 2014-07-31

February through Mid July 2014Edit

Apologies, due to confusion with sales varying between devices, we did not record sales or specials for this time period. At the end of July, Raeyin began recording the sales on her device, which will henceforth be what you see. Hopefully they will show enough of a pattern that we get some idea what to expect.

January 2014Edit

  • A helper sale ended January 30.
  • 50% off all premium items ended January 31.
  • Bundle Sale - 36,000 Tonic, 130 Pickaxes, 45,000 Silver ($59.97value) for $19.99.
  • 60% off ALL Premium Items ended January 20th. Some discontinued items were available for the duration of the sale.
  • Golden Seeds are back ended January 20th.
  • Tonic sale - ended January 17th.
    Screenshot 2014-01-14-07-13-37

    New Tonic Sale

  • Another ONE TIME OFFER helper sale expired the evening of Wednesday, January 15, 2014
  • WINTER SPECIAL resources bundle: 36,000 Tonic, 130 Pickaxes, and 45,000 Silver for $19.99. Sale ran through January 13, 2014.

Winter Special Dec 2013Edit

  • 50% off all Gold purchases - houses, buildings, decor and trees.

Winter Special Dec 2013Edit

Scheduled for 30 days but ended after 15

  • 10% off all Christmas decor

Christmas Special Dec 24, 2013Edit

1 day

Item Price % more Original quantity Special quantity
Pot of Gold $9.99 50% 96 144
Box of Gold $19.99 75% 208 364
Crate of Gold $49.99 100% 600 1,200

Christmas Special Dec 25, 2013Edit

1 day

Item Price % more Regular price Special price
Pot of Pickaxes $9.99 10% 60 66
Box of Pickaxes $19.99 20% 120 156
Crate of Pickaxes $49.99 30% 375 487

Helper Sale Dec 26, 2013Edit

2 days

Pickaxes are only slightly more expensive than gold.

Helper Sale Price Regular Price
Charity 90 Pickaxes 200 Gold
Private McManus 110 Pickaxes 250 Gold
Ms. Emma 130 Pickaxes 300 Gold
Elijah 150 Pickaxes 350 Gold
Bill Blackjack 175 Pickaxes 400 Gold
Emmett Blackjack 195 Pickaxes 450 Gold

Winter Sale Dec 31, 2013Edit

2 days

Bundle Regular Price Sale Price
130 Pickaxes

45,000 Silver

36,000 Tonic

$59.97 $19.99

New Year's Sale Dec 31, 2013Edit

6 days

  • 50% off all premium items