The Temple of Watering Time reduces the watering time of your Crops, starting with 2% and going up by 3% every time you upgrade up to 20%. The temple is unlocked after the Yeti is freed and you begin to collect experience from him after a quest chain in Snowy Mountain and harvest 2 carrots as the last prerequisite. Instead of an owl, however, there is a golden fish statue that is perched on top of a pyramid.

Quest Series NeededEdit

From the series that got you the Temple of Silver:

Finding the TempleEdit

After completing the prerequsites, you can find the Temple 5-7 squares directly behind the Temple of Silver. You might be able to see him peeking through the cloud cover. You can also move it just like any other structure.

Upgrading the TempleEdit

If you press on it, a screen will come up showing the requirements for upgrading it. The first upgrade will raise the boost percentage to 5%.

Upgrade CostsEdit

  • Level 1- 2%
    • Items required to upgrade: 30 Wood, 15 Hammers, 20 Nails
  • Level 2- 5%
    • Items required to upgrade: 35 Adobe, 25 Iron, 30 Hammers
  • Level 3 - 8%
    • Items required to upgrade: 40 Boards, 30 Hammers, 30 Nails
  • Level 4 - 10%
    • Items required to upgrade: 45 Steel, 40 Boards, 35 Hammers
  • Level 5 - 15%
    • Items required to upgrade: 50 Bricks, 50 Steel, 40 Nails
  • Level 6 - 20%

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