The Temple of XP boosts your XP by a percentage, starting with 2% and going up to 20% the more you upgrade it. Upgrades appear to go in 3% increments.

Quest Series NeededEdit

From the beginning:

Finding the TempleEdit

On your main screen, look in the clouds/fog above your town, closer to the mountains (left side). Peeking through the clouds/fog you should see a glowing golden head. That is the Temple of XP. It will be about 5 spaces from the mountains, and about 5 spaces back from the top of your town.

Starting Level: 2%

Possibly closer if you have already cleared in that direction. Beeline for it the next time you clear the Canyon. Keep going in the same direction even if it disappears. After about 5 Pickaxes, you will reach it.

Once you have cleared the Canyon from at least one side of the Temple of XP, it becomes part of your game, and provides the initial 2% boost to your Experience Points. You can also move it just like any structure.

Upgrading the TempleEdit

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If you press on it, a screen will come up showing the requirements for upgrading it. The first upgrade will raise the boost percentage to 5%. Now, if you go back to the Game Boosts Screen, the Temple of XP is no longer greyed out and it will show you the actual percentage by which your XP is now boosted.

Upgrade CostsEdit

  • Level 1 - 2%
    • Items required to upgrade: 20 Adobe, 10 Hammers, 20 Nails
  • Level 2 - 5%
    • Items required to upgrade: 30 Adobe, 15 Iron, 15 Hammers
  • Level 3 - 8%
    • Items required to upgrade: 30 Boards, 20 Hammers, 25 Nails
  • Level 4 - 10%
    • Items required to upgrade: 35 Steel, 15 Boards, 20 Hammers.
  • Level 5 - 15%
    • Items required to upgrade: 40 Bricks, 15 Steel, 30 Nails
  • Level 6 - 20%

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